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Transform Your Love Life!

I’m so glad to informally “meet” you! 

I’m Teal Elisabeth, founder of Relax Into Love Coaching,

supporting ambitious boss babes to manifest their
most desired, dream love life into their reality.

Think of me as your “Love Angel”… gracefully guiding you
from the pits of loneliness, frustration, and hopelessness
to becoming the Modern GODDESS that you are deep 
down… and embodying the woman who will inspire your 
man to fall in love and commit to you forever.

– Going through the motions of dating

– Feeling like you have to settle for men not up to par, or

– Downplaying your authentic self to attract men

It’s time to try a new approach to relationships! No more wasting your time on wishy washy low caliber men that can’t meaningfully connect or support your needs!!

My job is to help you create a new story for what dating, relationships, and love look like in the modern world… to help you continue to claim your presence and power as the feminine being that you are, without losing the badass Boss Babe that you are!

I have been in your shoes, girlfriend… and struggled being single for 8 years… with relationships that would hook and fizzle over and over – leaving me wondering if I would EVER find a man that I could connect to and that would love me for the ambitious, go getter that I am.

5 years later, I’m now traveling the world with the most deeply loving man who’s committed his life to me – and helping women around the world to manifest their dream relationships. 

 With my signature 6 step process, you will learn the techniques to completely shift your mindset and will approach relationships from a drastically new perspective. 

So what are you waiting for? Join the community below and let’s get you on the path to experiencing your GREATEST LOVE LIFE ever!


Teal, a professionally trained relationship coach, has a deep passion for supporting ambitious, single women in attract loving relationships from a man who embraces and respects them for the powerful woman that they are.

 After going through her own share of dating struggles and heartbreaks, she became determined to master this area of her life. The principles she shares are tried and true – and helped her attract a committed man who adores her.

She now makes it her personal mission to support ambitious women, like you! in connecting with their most authentic self so they can attract meaningful, loving relationships while still standing in their power. 

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“Teal, I honestly had no idea that I had been leaning forward so much until you showed me what it meant to lean back. I can actively see how much my man wants to give to me, I just haven’t let him!”

“It’s the weirdest thing, ever since working with you – I just feel so happy, I can’t even describe it. It’s like I finally know how to relax into relationships and not worry so much about figuring out where things are going… And we’re only half way through our sessions!”

“I can’t thank you enough Teal, I am starting to really trust my own intuition and communicate from my heart instead of my head and it’s shifting everything – not just with men, but everywhere!”

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