HS Expand Your Sphere of Availability — Sphere of Availability

HS Expand Your Sphere of Availability — Sphere of Availability

Product Name: HS Expand Your Sphere of Availability — Sphere of Availability

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Description of HS Expand Your Sphere of Availability — Sphere of Availability:

Guided Hypno-Meditation for Manifesting

The Sphere of Availability 

Start Manifesting More Health, Wealth & Happiness into Your Life

“Understanding the ‘Sphere of Availability’ changes Everything”

With 60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

Experience More Meaningful Coincidences & Synchronicities, Manifesting the Life You Want

A Truth about the Law of Attraction

The Reason Why You Haven’t Got the Result You Want… YET!

When most people first hear about the Law of Attraction they tend to think about having a huge house, a fast car, holidaying or living by tropical beaches and not having to work anymore. You know the kind of thing.

Then comes the daydreaming about having it all, maybe even putting up a ‘vision board’ but for 99.9% of people absolutely NOTHING happens!

It doesn’t work! Nothing happens… and they give up! 

Typically they’re starting from a place of debt and imagining being a multi millionaire in just a few months time. Reality Check!

The Law of Attraction, Manifesting, Synchronicities, Luck call it what you will… these are not magical genie’s that will grant your every wish. But they do work like magic when you know how.

There’s a Secret to Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams

As Wallace Wattles (Author os the Science of Getting Rich) says: “… You can advance only by more than filling your present place.”

If you’re flat broke or hard up, setting your sights on a Ferrari and a mansion by the beach in a couple of months just isn’t practical. They are way too far out of reach… they are outside of your Sphere of Availability… right now! But they are obtainable, if thats what you want.

It is possible to Expand Your Sphere of Availability to include anything.

What is the Sphere of Availability? and What’s inside Your Sphere?

This process is not so much about ‘bringing them into your Sphere of Availability’. It’s more about expanding your Sphere of Availability to encompasses them.

Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Sphere of Availability with this FREE Conscious Mind Priming Mp3 & Pdf

Gaining a deeper understanding of your Sphere of Availability is a KEY Principle for Manifesting the things you want into your life.

In Understanding Your Sphere of Availability you will discover the secrets to controlling and manipulating it, and the techniques needed to ‘manifest’ things into your sphere.

Because learning in multiple mediums is best… You can both listen to the Mp3 Understanding Your Sphere of Availability to prime your unconscious mind and read it to gain a deeper understanding.

The Sphere of Availability

“The Art and Practice of Getting Material Things Through Creative Visualisation”

By Opheil aka Edward C. Peach: Esoteric Thinker and Writer from the Sixties…

Dashing into a bookshop on Glastonbury high street to avoid the rain one spring afternoon (not that I need much encouragement to go into bookshops), it was like the timing of the rain and my position on the high street were cosmically aligned…   

You see this was no ordinary bookshop… the shelves were full of rare manuscripts, unique books all with fascinating topics… a treasure trove of information and enlightenment.

As I entered it was like one book was calling out, it literally jumped off the shelf at me. It was a book that mentioned another book, that lead me on a search to find a rare out-of-print work called:

The Art and Practice of Getting Material Things Through Creative Visualization By Opheil

Over the last couple of years I have been researching further and expanding upon Opheil’s ideas to create this empowering Manifestation Recording. Combining my research and Opheil’s teachings with the effortless power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis

Taking the Sphere of Availability Process to the Next Level.

Where Science, Manifestation and Linguistics Meet… 

Are you ready to experience more coincidences, synchronicities and magnetic examples of manifesting in your life?

Where you put your attention… you make things happen. 

You focus and stimulate your RAS (Reticular Activation System) for effortless success.

The more you tune your awareness to unexpected good luck and fortune, the more you will experience it in your life. 

Its time to start looking for Coincidences, Synchronicities and other examples of Manifesting in your life…

It’s time to start tuning your awareness to notice examples of manifestation in your day… The more you actively look for meaningful coincidences and experiences, the more you will see them and experience them.

Where you focus your attention, you focus your time and energy.

The BIG SECRET: You must first succeed in manifesting the things already within your Sphere of Availability. Walk before you try to run. Then you can expand your sphere to encompass more.

A great friend of mine and LOA speaker is always talking about manifesting the things that are within reach…

And I’ve been talking about 60 day goals with my Coaching Clients and Inner Circle Members for years… 60 Day Goals that you can achieve within the next 60 days, that move you towards your ultimate Average Perfect Day.

The Sphere of Availability Guided Hypno-Meditation

This 27 minute hypnotic guided meditation is specifically designed to take you on a deeply relaxing journey:

Focusing Your Reticular Activation System on the Things Inside Your Sphere of Availability that You Want.

Expanding your Sphere of Availability to Manifest More Things Effortlessly into Your Life.

Start Experiencing More Coincidences and Synchronicities that Seem like Magic.

Feeling More Abundant and Moving Forward with the Conviction of Knowing What You Want is Yours

Discover one of the biggest secrets to getting the universe working for you. Tuning your awareness to Good-Luck and Fortune, and experiencing more of them in your day to day life.

Get Started With The Sphere of Availability Today

Harnessing the Power of Meditation

“OM or AUM is the primordial sound of the Universe. It’s the sound of ascent. It has no beginning or end. It has no past or future”

Om is more than a sound, it is the vibration of the universe. The frequency of the energy that connects and joins all things together. And it lingers and flows like energy itself.

Sacred mantras, chants, drones and healing instruments from various spiritual traditions have been used for millennia to induce trance states…

As you open yourself to the vibration of Om you will feel yourself ascend, deepening your meditational experience. And in this Sphere of Availability Meditation John uses an Om Drone in the Key of G to take you deep…

You don’t have to be an expert at reading ECG scans to SEE the difference between the before and after images of meditation here.

Your brain waves change when you meditate!

The effects of meditation on your body and the changes that happen to your brain when you meditate have been scientifically proven.

But they have also been known about for centuries, by many cultures long before science was the mainstream.

Reprogramming Your Mind With Hypnosis:
Bypassing the Critical Thinking Part of Your Brain

Cutting straight through to your subconscious to effortlessly reprogram your mind for instant changes.

As You Go Deep into Your Subconscious You Will Bring Out Hidden Talents, New Ideas and Increased Abilities You Never Had Access to Before with this Hypnotic Meditation.

Hypnosis is a way to gain more control over your emotion, thoughts and behaviours. It’s a way to bypass your limiting beliefs and the Short Cut to Becoming a Better You.

The proven results of hypnosis speak for themselves and are used by: Successful Entrepreneurs, Hollywood Celebrities, Professional Athletes, Musicians, and the list just goes on and on.

It’s Time for YOU to Have the Attitude of…

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HS Expand Your Sphere of Availability — Sphere of Availability

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