Write Create & Promote a Best Seller!

Write Create & Promote a Best Seller!

Product Name: Write Create & Promote a Best Seller!

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Description of Write Create & Promote a Best Seller!:

Anyone Can Write a Book – But it
Takes Something Special to Create a Best

Have you ever wondered why some writers earn
millions of dollars and sell tens of thousands of
books, while others struggle to earn back even the
smallest advances?

Do you know what makes one book outsell another?

How do you attract new readers to buy your
books in droves?

Are you still trying to find a way to get your book published and onto those
shelves, in front of readers where it belongs?

Dear Fellow Author,

A few short years ago, I was asking myself many of those
same questions. I wanted to know how I could get my foot
in the publishing ‘door’. I was curious about how I could
get my own books to sell well, and how I could get
readers to recognize my name as being synonymous with an
author they could trust.

I also wanted to know what I could do to improve my
writing to such a degree that editors would never
consider rejecting my manuscripts.

That’s when I embarked on a research odyssey, of sorts.

You see, for more than two years, I studied what the
best-selling authors did and how they wrote. I
interviewed editors and agents to learn about their
likes, dislikes and preferences. I asked bookstore owners
and distributors what made them buy the books they chose.
I attended conventions and seminars, trying to figure out
why some authors got paid six-figure advances and others
remained in the poor house.

What I learned surprised me!

In fact, I think it will surprise you, too. You see, it
is true that almost anyone can write a book – but it
really does take something special to turn a book into a
best seller.

So … Can anyone turn a book into a best-seller?
Honestly, the answer is NO. Too many authors skimp and
scrape by on just a few measly book sales per month,
needing the support of a day job to pay for their writing
‘hobby’. In fact, many books don’t sell at all!

It is true that some books are published long before they
are actually ‘ready to read’. They are either incorrectly
edited, or not polished to a professional standard – or
sometimes the storyline needs a boost to keep the
conflict levels high.

Each of these things mean the author could be missing
opportunities to further his or her writing career. What
a waste!

I didn’t want to be like those authors. I wanted my books
to sell well – right from the start. So I researched and
I wrote down what I learned. The result is an
easy-to-follow, step-by-step manual that shows you – from
start to finish and beyond – how to prepare and plan your
book, get it published and out in front of as many
readers as possible and how to promote it so that your sales go
through the roof!

Kelly Reno of California, USA writes:
I am the
author of 11 published books and I just finished
your book. I was very pleased with all of the
valuable information you put together. I can see
that you’ve really done your research and I
really liked what you had to say.
You exchanged in abundance and I really
appreciate that.

Susan Reno-Gilliland of www.susanrenogilliland.com writes:
information that is packed into the pages of this
e-book is astounding in that it is so profound,
yet so simple to understand and implement.
Masterson has taken the guesswork out of the
process by breaking down the course of action
into components that are manageable and
progressive. The research has been done for you
– now all you have to do is implement what
you learn from this book and watch your project
come to life right before your very eyes.
There’s nothing to stop you from writing
that best seller now but you!

This manual was created to help you turn your ‘hobby’
into a lucrative,
full-time writing career.

This easy to follow, step-by-step manual will show you:

And that’s not all! Once your book is written, you’ll
want to know where to go next. I’ve also included
information about the following things:

Here’s what some people are already saying about this

By now, you might be thinking “Oh sure, every
How-To book includes those things.” That’s where I’ve gone a
step further and included information specifically for
authors who want to succeed. You see, publishers only get
your book into print – they don’t actually do much to
help you to sell your precious work.

That’s why I also included a whole section that delves into
the very core of book marketing and promotion. In fact, this manual was designed
so that almost anyone could create a best-seller just by
following the easy steps.

Here’s what else you’ll learn:

Can you afford to spend the next three or four years
waiting for a publisher to finally accept and publish
your work?

Once it is published, can you afford to let your book
languish on the shelves without knowing as many ways as
possible to keep those sales rolling in – from as many
sources as possible?

Order your downloadable copy of “Write,
Create, Promote a Best-Seller” now and receive
a bonus copy of the hugely popular
motivational ebook “Write Here, Write Now”,
co-written with Tina Morgan.

you’ll get the BONUS ebook

P.S. This book is
jam-packed with exclusive information
designed to jump start any writing career and turn a
‘hobby’ writer into a best-selling published
author. What are you waiting for? Launch your
writing career today.

P.P.S don’t forget you
get the bonus ebook (“Write
Here, Write Now”) with your order – but only
for a limited time, so be quick!)

Order now and watch your book sales

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Write Create & Promote a Best Seller!

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