How to Meet & Date Girls When You're Traveling – BackpackersTravelGuides

How to Meet & Date Girls When You're Traveling – BackpackersTravelGuides

Product Name: How to Meet & Date Girls When You're Traveling – BackpackersTravelGuides

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My name is Charlie. I am a professional dating advice expert, book author and documentary artist. I am about to tell you how I met and dated tourists and locals alike while traveling around the globe and much more importantly to you, how you can do the same. Listen closely to this short story. I will show you the techniques and reveal to you the secrets only professional dating advice experts know.

I will tell you how to easily meet and mingle with and take out girls while abroad, how to spark their interest and ultimately, how to make them want you fast. I will teach you how to conquer your fears and insecurities and actually have fun with pursuing girls. I will share with you personal stories of how I met female tourists in airplanes, trains and buses and convinced them to travel with me, how I approached pretty girls on the street and ended up having amazing experiences with them and how I got local girls to like me even when they knew I was not in town for long. I will also recommend from personal experience where the best places on earth are to find these girls.

Before revealing the secrets, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I spent my twenties working sixty hours a week, doing boring administrative work, living paycheck to paycheck. My job did not give me enough time to practice my social skills and gain the confidence needed to approach and chat with pretty girls. I needed a vacation. My Greek father took me to his homeland on a ten-day trip, specifically to the Greek Islands. I cleared my mind and decided I wanted to work less and travel more. I realized traveling helped me boost my confidence, appreciate my existence on this earth, respect myself more and get into the mindset needed to get girls to want me just as much as I wanted them.

Once I returned home, I changed jobs and saved enough money so I could go on a one-year trip around the world. The free time I had while home was spent on figuring out where the best places on earth are to meet and mingle with female tourists and locals alike. I was determined to visit them all. Once I had saved enough money, I wished my boss all the best and immediately quit my job. I first took off as a solo traveler to Europe, followed by Southeast Asia and South America. With a little practice, I learned how to approach girls, make them both comfortable with and interested in me and give them reason why to join me on my crazy adventures. I still keep in contact with many of these girls.

Fast-forward to today. As of now, I have explored almost 80 countries and exactly 596 famous destinations. Look me up on Instagram. My username is CharlieTheTraveler You probably find it painful to even think about just how impossible it would be for you to meet, mingle with and date tourists and locals alike while abroad. You are wrong! If I went from a physically unattractive and insecure guy with a boring job to a professional dating advice expert who travels the world, then so can you! Through trial, error, exposure and dedication, I have figured out the art of easily meeting girls and dating them, regardless where in the world you are. I have the techniques to show you and the secrets to tell you.

Nearly every day, people ask me how I went from a self-defeating and insecure Joe Shmoe to a professional dating advice expert. Nearly every day, people ask me how I found the courage to meet and mingle with girls virtually anywhere, without even an ounce of insecurity. I decided to create an audio guide and write an e-book called “How to Meet & Date Girls When You’re Traveling.” Here is just one of the techniques I personally would use, although I do not expect you to do the same:

At some international airport, I was waiting in line to pass customs and immigration. I was in line for about twenty minutes, about three-fourth the way to the very front. The line was going very slowly. I saw some incredibly pretty backpacker pop out of nowhere and cue at the very back of the line. Immediately, I told the person behind me to hold my spot, as I needed to grab my girlfriend. I walked over to this pretty backpacker and said, “You do not need to wait in this long line. Come with me to the front.” Obviously, at first she was a bit surprised. Nevertheless, she did not hesitate to follow me.

Once we got to my place in line, she asked me how I had pulled that off. I told her not to worry and that I just want her to get out of the airport as soon as possible so she could have some fun. I asked her what activities she had planned. She said she did not have any yet. I told her about mine. She loved the fact that I had an easy-to-understand and fun action plan. That same day, together we were zip-lining across mountains.

One of the bravest ways to meet local girls is to simply approach them on the street. The first couple of times I gave it a try, I failed horribly. Once I gained some experience, it actually became a lot of fun. I met a Polish girl on the streets of Lublin. I convinced her to take a break from work, join me in romantic Prague and afterwards traveled with me to vibrant Vienna. A local Greek girl I met in charming Corfu ended up traveling with me across her country, all the way to the popular island of Rhodes.

Although my stories could go on and on, first and foremost I am here to help you overcome your obstacles and get you into the mindset that delivers results. I have literally dozens of techniques and secrets I talk and write about in my audio guide and e-book called “How to Meet & Date Girls When You’re Traveling.” Guys would love to meet and date girls while traveling but just don’t have the confidence and know-how. According to CBS News, a report found that “almost three-quarters (72 percent) of Americans experience loneliness.” I used to be one of them, but not anymore!

We guys fall into the trap of thinking we do not have the looks and/or money to meet the requirements presumably imposed by society. We get siphoned into the vicious cycle of work, home and using worthless dating apps on the phone, seemingly with no payoff at the end of the day. Once burnt out and mentally drained, we no longer have the ambition and confidence to fundamentally change status quo. While over one billion people are traveling each year for vacation (according to the UK news source Daily Mail), you are going nowhere fast.

The solution is simple. Purchase my audio guide and e-book called “How to Meet & Date Girls When You’re Traveling.” You will have both an online and PDF version of my material as well as audio courses. I will help you prevent losing time due to inadequate experience with dating. I will tell you where and when to approach girls and how to be effective. I will tell you specific techniques which will attract pretty tourists and locals alike. Ultimately, I will teach you how to make girls want you. You are about to have the trip you have always fantasized about but never truly believed could happen to you. I have been there. I have done it. I have proven it works. Now I am sharing the techniques and secrets with you.

You do not want to simply listen to others bragging about their amazing trips and priceless memories shared with girls from faraway places. Right? You want to have your own stories of adventure and excitement with desirable girls. You want to have the confidence, motivation and skills needed to meet and date girls when you’re traveling-just like we professional dating advice expert do. My audio guide and e-book has the answers to your needs, curiosities and desires. One of the key reasons why my product is so well-liked is because I teach you how to break through the self-imposed barriers of insecurity and enjoy yourself to the max. Perhaps most importantly, I…

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How to Meet & Date Girls When You're Traveling – BackpackersTravelGuides

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