Sugar Crush Detox

Sugar Crush Detox

Product Name: Sugar Crush Detox

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Description of Sugar Crush Detox:

Would you believe that you can crush your sugar cravings and still have your cake?


 REVEALED!  Find out how YOU can KILL those Sugar Cravings for good, BANISH Emotional Eating, and finally have the Body and the Life You Deserve… without permanently denying yourself the foods you love or spending all day in the gym!

…UNLOCK the secret to FAST weight loss and AMAZING energy levels with the bonus of improving your skin, amping up your sex life, and stripping YEARS from your appearance!

If you want to start quickly losing weight, charging up your libido and skyrocketing your energy, then you’ve come to the right place…

Because I’m about to reveal how changing just ONE crucial element in your diet can automatically super-charge your metabolism, boost your brain power, take years from your face and body, and give you a quality of life you can only dream of!

The truth is… it’s time for you to end your love affair with sugar and become addicted to loving your new amazing life!

But the good news is… you don’t have to deny yourself. You’ll still be able to indulge in amazingly tantalising treats! (What’s the catch??? I’ll get to that soon.)

First, let me introduce myself…


I know, it reads like a line from an AA meeting doesn’t it!

Well, it’s not far off… See, I was an addict.

I was completely and hopelessly ADDICTED TO SUGAR.  

I want to share with you how I’ve quit eating sugar filled junk, dealt with my emotional eating and how I’ve ‘made over’ my life and body over the last year… Plus how YOU can too!

WARNING: THIS IS NOT JUST ANOTHER FAD DIET… This is a lifestyle choice and change.

In just 5 weeks from now you too can be so glad you did!  

What if I told you that in only 5 easy weeks you can change your entire outlook on food and be enjoying a quality of life that you won’t believe?

 Best of all you’ll be armed with the knowledge and power you need to crush your sugar cravings for good!  

You only need to commit to 1 full week of fully cutting out sugar and carbs… after than you decide what you eat and when… TAKE BACK THE CONTROL! 

 In as little as three weeks, you can be starting to experience the freedom of choosing when and what you eat… you will no longer be a slave to your cravings! 

I can tell you right now, I am not a doctor, or weight-loss consultant, or anything like that. I am just a mom and someone who has struggled with weight fluctuations, sugar addiction and binge eating for a very long time. 

I’ve put hundreds of hours of research into getting this area of my life under control. I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs. What’s most important though is I have seen first hand what WORKS…

…Not just for me either… For countless others too. And I can’t wait to share this with you!

Since before I can remember I’ve used food as a crutch!  

I’ve rewarded myself with cake and cookies… drowned my sorrows in sodas or wine. Carbo loaded in times or stress and continuously raided the fridge when I got bored.  

Don’t get me wrong, I ate healthy foods as well… but I always needed something else.   A muffin or donut after lunch… chocolate after dinner. Sugary granola bars in the morning… a little slice of cake with my coffee… an afternoon pick me-up of whatever was screaming at me from the café cabinet.

I was feeding my body so much processed sugar and I didn’t even recognize it… I was no wonder I was tired and emotional all the time!  

But I never saw it as a problem… throughout my 20s and early 30s I’d go on a binge and put on a few pounds and then count calories furiously and go crazy with exercise to get back down to my comfort weight. I was all over it.  

 Of course there was always the crippling food guilt…    I’d clean out all the cookies… then the cakes and chocolate in the house and feel so bad about myself. I can even say looking back now that I was hovering dangerously close to having an eating disorder.  

“I could never understand how somepeople could stop at one or two while I had to eat the whole packet?”   

I was never seriously overweight, but I yoyo’d between my healthy weight and, let’s face it, more than a bit chubby. Yet I just couldn’t see the damage my obsession with food was doing to my physical and mental health.  

When I look back now I’m hideously embarrassed about how much my life revolved around my desire to constantly stuff my face with sugary treats and my lack of self-control.   If only I’d realized earlier I could’ve had the freedom I have now had for years!

I couldn’t see how addicted to sugar, food, and binge eating I was.   

Let’s pause for a moment while you contemplate yourself… 

Now you and I both know that there is a very good reason that you’ve found yourself reading this page in the first place!


If you have answered YES to more than 3 of these questions then it is almost certain that you are also addicted to sugar.

 But don’t panic. I want you to know that you are not alone. 

You may be blaming yourself, feeling like a failure, a weakling with no self-control… BUT the most important thing to know is that IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! 

Let me continue my story and you will find out why…

In December 2014 my life changed completely…

I had a baby… She was tiny, she was perfect!

She enriched my life in so many amazing ways… She also helped me to gain a generous 40lb. Eeek…

For me at 5 foot 3 and having a pre-baby weight of around 120lb this was hard!  

Throughout my pregnancy I thought I was being careful with what I ate… I truly thought I needed the extra energy that the 500 calorie chocolate muffin and flavored milk was giving me.

I wasn’t one of those girls who was going to eat for 2 and get fat!   

Friends had told me they’d put on 40, 50 even 60lb or more during pregnancy – I couldn’t see how this could happen to me!  

But my weight kept slowly going up…. But hey, I was having a baby, this is totally normal isn’t it?  

Anyway, I was sure that after I’d had this baby that my body would just bounce back. I was breastfeeding so that was going to help (surely right?)  

Stuck at home with a grizzly baby who wouldn’t sleep, obviously I turned to food to keep me going. And I’m not talking carrot sticks and apple slices. I’m talking cake, muffins, cookies… so many cookies. Sugary hot chocolates and sodas. Massive amounts of comfort foods – delicious bread, thick with tasty spreads! Mmmmmm…   

But still, after the initial couple of weeks after I had my baby, I couldn’t understand why my weight was still creeping… I was breastfeeding and doing lots of walking with this kid in a pram, shouldn’t that knock off a few pounds?

It took me 6 months of being overweight, unhappy and uncomfortable in my skin to have a light bulb moment. I must be doing it all wrong… I needed to have a drastic re-think!

I realized I could do one of TWO things…

I could just continue on the same path… 

Continue to be unhappy with myself, my weight and my energy levels, and continue to poison my body with the wrong foods… risking my health, my marriage and my future happiness.

I could think of my future, the future of my family, and find out what the secret was to becoming truly comfortable with myself and my food choices… and strive to become the person I knew I had potential to be!

It was a no-brainer… I had to go with option 2!

I had to take a long hard look at myself, my lifestyle and the person and mother I wanted to be. So I wrote a list of what I truly wanted from my life…

Moving on… My little girl was finally sleeping during the day so every spare…

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Sugar Crush Detox

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