SP fall 2018- 2B

SP fall 2018- 2B

Product Name: SP fall 2018- 2B

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Description of SP fall 2018- 2B:

There’s an exciting change happening in the funeral industry. It can help you increase your sales and it can also help you improve service

to your clients. In fact in just a moment

I’m going to show you exactly how the

average NFDA-member Funeral Home

can increase their annual revenue 

When I first created this program I had no idea that it would be able to help some Funeral Homes increase their annual revenue by thousands of dollars every year.

In fact, I was simply just trying to help people during a challenging time in their life just like you do everyday.

But once I started showing this program to some funeral home owners and funeral directors, they all wanted to begin using my program in their establishments… to take their business to the next level…

Now, every funeral director that I talk to is interested in having me teach them the specifics of my program to teach them how to increase sales and service in their funeral homes also. Why? Because they instantly see how valuable it is.

As a result they are increasing their yearly revenue. Every Year.

But that’s not even my favorite part….

The best part to me is not only are they increasing sales…but they are also providing an extra service to their clients… a tool that is helping them through these tough times… and it is all accomplished simply by providing their clients with 1 extra piece of paper.

That’s why I am writing to you today…

I’d like to help you also increase sales at your funeral home and also help you improve your service to your clients.

I am going to tell you everything in this letter. You’re going to learn the best ways to increase your sales. The fees you can expect to charge once you’re up and running and more.

But first, let me show you how I discovered this… and why it’s been kept under wraps for years…

This all started in November of 2006. My name is Christopher Hallenbeck. In 2006 my Grandfather passed away suddenly. He was 90 years old. But it was unexpected. I’m the oldest grandson and also my family knew that I had a talent for writing. So my mother asked me if I would write and read the Eulogy at his funeral.

Since then I have had to write and read many more eulogies for friends and family members. In addition I’ve also since then have had to write obituaries along with eulogies for some of my family.

A few years later I began to publish some of my writing. I became an author, and I also started my own publishing company. Recently I finished writing a project for the funeral industry, and I knew instantly that I’d just created something BIG.

Something that other businesses would find just as valuable, and I knew that it could help funeral directors and funeral home owners.

So I called a guy named Brian Barnett. Brian owns Ehle and Barnett Funeral Home, located in Johnstown, NY.  I asked him if we could meet so I could show him my new project. During the meeting Brian saw the value in this project and he became my first client.

I called my new brainchild 

The Funeral Director’s Treasure Map. 

In short, it is a step by step guide to help you increase your sales and improve services to clients simply by providing them with one extra piece of paper.

According to The National Funeral Director’s Association the average NFDA-member funeral home handles 113 calls per year.

Simply from including one extra piece of paper in your portfolio of services or the folder of paperwork that you already give your clients…

Would you be interested in learning how to accomplish this?

I’m going to teach you exactly how you can accomplish this right now.

Here’s how you can accomplish this increase in revenue…

Earlier you read that I am an author.

Two of my books that I’ve written are

The Obituary Writing Workbook and

The Eulogy Writing Workbook.

These books are step by step tutorials. They teach how to write obituaries and eulogies that display the personality, and uniqueness of a family member or friend’s life. The books also include 7 obituary examples and 7 eulogy examples. With the samples provided the reader learns the structure of an obituary or eulogy quicker, and also has ideas provided of what to write about. When combining the step by step tutorial along with brainstorm ideas that he or shes learns by reading the examples, the reader is now able write the obituary and eulogy faster and easier-Knowing that their compositions will impress the audience and it will also serve as a great honor and beautiful tribute to the deceased.

Now, the 1 piece of paper that I just mentioned that can help expand your services and increase your sales is essentially a one page tutorial that you would provide to your clients.

How does the 1 Page Tutorial help increase sales?

When a customer is looking at my online book store and sees these two books. This is what they see on their screen.

Now let’s connect the dots and add all of this up on how this can increase money in your pocket.

The one page sheet is a simple 5 step tutorial that teaches your clients how they can download the two books.

It supplies the client with directions and a coupon code to download copies of the books as a free checkout at The Great Point Publishing Bookstore.

When your funeral home increases services by now supplying your clients with the 5 step tutorial that teaches them how they can download The Obituary Writing Workbook and The Eulogy Writing Workbook.

This enables you to increase the basic arrangement charge.

When you provide the instructions for the client to download the books. You can include this additional service as part of your normal basic arrangement charge.

Now again let’s take it a step further.

Your additional revenue estimate is based on the number of calls that your establishment handles on a yearly basis and helps you predict how much you could increase your sales revenue simply through increasing the service of selling one piece of paper which is the 5 step tutorial.

The system is so easy and simple for you. Let’s look at it step by step…

The Funeral Director’s Treasure Map Step by Step…

Here’s how it all works step by step in The Funeral Director’s Treasure Map.

Step 1. Client visits your funeral home to plan for funeral arrangements.

Step 2. Prior to this visit you would print out a copy of the 5 step tutorial on how to download copies of The Eulogy Writing Workbook and The Obituary Writing Workbook and place them in a folder.

Step 3. The client follows the directions presented on the one page tutorial. The tutorial directs them to the webpage that teaches them how to apply their coupon code and download copies of the books.

Step 4. The client then enters the necessary information including the coupon code which is provided to them on the one page tutorial.

Step 5. The client will receive the download links in their email where they can download and read copies of the books electronically.

Bonus Tip: You might want to consider giving the family two copies of the one page tutorial just in case one person is writing the obituary and a separate person is writing the eulogy.

Bonus Tip #2: Through providing directions on how a family can write an obituary on their own. This could be less work for you as you’ll no longer have to compose the obituary yourself.

Bonus Tip #3: The tutorial also includes two important notes for your clients at the end of the page…

Note 1. All books are pdf stamped with the name and email address of the person who downloads them. The books are also encrypted meaning that you can print out the books however you will not be able to copy anything from them.

Note 2. If clients have further questions they are instructed to not contact the funeral home. Instead they’re directed to a…

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SP fall 2018- 2B

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