sfscompletecb | Singing From Scratch

sfscompletecb | Singing From Scratch

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Description of sfscompletecb | Singing From Scratch:

✔ Learn how to be confident in yourself as a singer!

✔ Learn how to master pitch and sing in tune!

✔ Discover the power of the “3 Voices”!

✔ Learn how to shape your notes and mix your voice like the pros do!

✔ Master the art of singing!

You could be learning how to sing risk free for 60 days  in less than 5 minutes!

I’ve helped thousands of singers both online and in person, and they come to me with the same common struggles.

So over the years working with students from all skill levels from professional to absolute beginner, I developed and perfected a complete singing course that handles ALL of these problems and launches a singers ability to their full potential.

There are only 6 Core Elements that make up every professional singer that ever was.

The only difference between you and them is their mastery of these fundamentals.

All you need to master the same 6 Elements that make the pros sound so amazing are the tools to build those skills in yourself.

When I say tools I mean actual practice drills to sharpen those skills to a razors edge.

Want to learn how to sing? This is where you start.

Want to learn how to sing better? This is where you start.

Want to learn how to sing like a pro? This is where you start.

8 Separate Course Modules

45 Skill Building Drills

42 Educational Quizzes with

153 Interactive Questions

215 Page SFS Complete Course Transcript eBook

SFS Complete Course Image Pack eBook

SFS Complete Course Glossary eBook

Introduction to SFS
The 6 Elements of Singing
Structure and Understanding

This is your “class orientation”. In this module I will explaing the SFS Method and what to expect, as well as a guide on how to study the material that will follow.

The Biggest Lie
Barriers To Singing
Stage Fright
Breath Control
Vocal Mechanics

This is where things like vocal care, warm-ups, stage fright, breathing, etc are addressed. As the singer, you are what all other Singing Elements are built upon. So it is vital that this Element be as rock solid as possible.

Concept of Concepts
Note Placement
What Is A Note?

This element of singing is probably the most unknown, overlooked, and basic element of singing. It is quite literally the ability to mentally get the concept of general pitch and note placement.

Natural Note
Mastering Pitch

But this roadblock is so easy to overcome if Elements 1 and 2 are established. Understanding, recognizing, and duplicating Pitch are the key factors of this element. Learn what it feels like, not just sounds like, but feels like to be in tune.

Your Instrument
3 Voices
Throat Voice
Mouth Voice
Nose Voice

This is where we cover how sound resonates within the ‘3 voices’ or main areas of physical resonance – Throat, Mouth, and Nose – and start on the road to mastering the quality of notes.

Basic Resonance Modulation
Advanced Resonance Modulation

With the proper shape combinations of voices, vowels, and accents, you can learn how to master any genre of music. This is what makes a pro sound like a pro.

Pitch Vibrato
Amplitude Vibrato
Volume and Emotional Expression

Once all other elements are in place it is time to add the final finishing touch. Using vibrato and volume in various combinations and amounts is called dynamics. Taking all the other Elements and wrapping them in a layer of dynamics is what makes singing art. This too can be taught.

Concluding Singing Drill
Course Conclusion

In this module you do the last drill and we wrap things up!

The core theory of what you will be drilling in the Skill Building Drills is explained in these lessons. The road to understanding Singing starts here.

Each one is like a private vocal lesson you can take as many times as you want. These drills are where you apply the theory learned in the Lessons and Build Your Skills!

The Quizzes are  designed to test your knowledge of the information you studied or the drills you completed. Fully interactive with multiple choice, drag and drop, matching, and more.

SFS Green Room is the Exclusive Members Only Access group where Singing From Scratch Students can come to exchange ideas, get to know each other and interact with Michael

Every word in every video for your reference!

Every image in every drill for your reference.

The key to understanding is knowing the words.

But soon we will be switching to a membership site which, in addition to the above, will also soon include the following:

But until then I am offering you a chance to LOCK IN a price of

Cancel anytime within 60 days and we will give you a full refund.

You don’t want to pay for something you don’t want and I don’t want to keep your money if you aren’t getting results.

Try it for 60 days risk free!

but if you still have questions?

“I’ve always dreamed of singing well.  I play blues and funk guitar with improvisation pretty good.  But I always wanted to sing.  Your course really opened so many doors for me.  It’s unlike any singing course I have seen. Very unique way of describing sound, thinking about frequency and pitch. Great exercises, that opened a world of singing to me. I can’t thank you enough Michael!”

Exactly as promised. No fluff. No filler. Just the knowledge of techniques to develop the skills needed to sing on key. If this can start me singing, it can help anyone.

It’s to the point and it’s not just lecturing and going on and on like the other singing course I bought (which I found irritating and far too demanding for what I’m wanting to achieve). This one seems more like what I’m wanting.

I can clearly understand the concept of music. Such great teaching. Understanding notes and how they are formed in relation to how we hear them is a perfect strategy for learning. Learning to sing is a great foundation for learning to play an instrument. This is a great course. Highly recommended.

A fabulous course. This course has made me appreciate the importance of pitch and how to sing in tune. This has been a great learning experience. Thank you.

I completed the course without doing all the drills but I have definitely seen some improvement already. I will now do the drills as recommended and I will sign up for the next course because I like the teaching style. Thank you Michael!

I love this course. The instructor really knows what he is talking about. And this is solid information with no fluff. I highly recommend it. Thank you Michael for such a valuable course!!

Really good course with a ton of very useful information!

Great course – I liked the pace and depth and that you provided sufficient theory for the course to be “self contained” and accessible to many levels.

I really enjoyed this course! I’m an absolute beginner, and it walked me through step-by-step to the point where I was playing with Pitch. I plan on buying his book Singing from Scratch to continue with the rest of the exercises.

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The first thing to do is wait. Sometimes it can take a few minutes before the emails land in your inbox. The second thing to do is check your SPAM/JUNK folder.  Sometimes they end up there. If you still haven’t received them, contact us immediately so we can make sure you get what you need.

We don’t just let anybody in there and we don’t like to trust an automated system to do the verification. So this is a manual process for us. After purchase, you will be sent a link to set you password. Once you do that, you will be directed to your profile page. Click “Edit Profile” and enter your first and last…

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sfscompletecb | Singing From Scratch

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